Ascript is a faster performing scripting language than any the software author has used.


To boot, to shutdown, software to install, software to update, software to remove and such administrator tasks ascript is intended.


Mounting, swapping, hot plug, cold plug, network configuration, maybe ever task needed at boot can be accomplished The Linux kernel when required to the C library the tasks are delegated.


Optional libraries such as pcre2 and Linux-PAM if installed then optional abilities become.


About 200 awesome manual pages with examples included are provided.


bintuils, gcc, glibc, make, nm, sed are definitely executed. Setting DESTDIR and libdir are the only tricky aspects.

Test Drive

Ascript can be compiled LD_LIBRARY_PATH can be set to $PWD/lib and ascript/ascript to run scripts can be invoked.


A script’s first line is something like #!/bin/ascript or #!ascript/ascript A line that begins with #, except the first, is a comment. At line start or after a comma and argot name if encountered as required is loaded and executed. Aft argot name by tab the argot parameters are separated. By non back slash prefixed line feed or comma an argot’s parameter list terminates.


Argot are ELF library encapsulated code fragments. It’s just a name for some computer code. The ascript ELF libraries when loaded sans reload the argot can be invoked as many times as desired.

Argot parameters

Back tick encapsulated text is text. \n to line feed \0 to byte value 0 are translated, Any unicode to UTF-8 is translated. A space and a single byte to indicate type follow numeric constants like 1111 b for value 15 in binary. Anything else as a variable name is assumed.


With ascript almost any program when compared is like comparing a race horse and a SR-71 super sonic spy plane.


The ascript software author is not demanding even a single cent for ascript use, and nobody else can either! Free means payment is not demanded.

Compile duration

About 10 seconds.

Total size

Less than 4 megabytes will be pulled.

Why was ascript created?

Following illness the author had to retrain hacking skills from 0. Scripting languages bang, bang2 were created. Finally, ascript was created. Ascript happened to become faster and smaller than anything the software author had previously tried. Apparently, by free software authors to quality and performance not much importance is accorded?

Why share?

I love free. Let us make free food, free software, free operating systems, free living. For one’s continued existence payment when required the person is obviously both a hostage and and a slave.

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