X11 hot key program launcher

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A desktop environment is not provided.
A window manager is not provided.
For window manager fluff
the required code megabytes are not provided.

By XLaunch an X11 hot key program launcher is provided.
For window geometry modification code a few kilobytes are provided.
Some rare tricks also are provided.

XLaunch is free software.
Within the freedom XLaunch must remain.
To the paydom XLaunch must never be exported.

To use or not to use; is that the question?
For source tarball download; less than a megabyte is required.
By watching the 90 second demonstration videos
many hundred megabytes can be consumed.







Various Aspects

Xlaunch requirements are minimal.
Naturally, a POSIX is required.
A Linux API translation wrapper probably does not suffice.

Software project xorg is required.
A C compiler program, a make program, and a linker also are required.

Software projects linux-pam is optional.
If linux-pam is not installed
then program xl-lock only can not be compiled.
By xl-lock user account pass phrase authentication is performed. Therefore, a UID 0 owned SUID bit set xl-lock executable file is installed.

In the README file the required software,
their universal resource locators,
and command lines are provided.

For configuration file editing; any text editor will suffice.

For allocating time to investigate this project; thanks.
Software developer information follows.

At release; for a few years already; XLaunch has been in use.
The code quality is mature and revised.

A larger than mozilla program is not desired and was not created.
To compile and link; less than a minute is required.

Before contemplating forking;
the library interface should be inspected.
By linking with the XLaunch library;
by new software projects;
XLaunch provided shared library functions
and variable structures can be used.
In that fashion XLaunch is extensible.

To the XLaunch software suite
for an additional program to be added
a fork is not required.
If the project is published separately;
if code from XLaunch is not copied
then any license can be applied.
By a fork license departure is not possible.
For license liberty
in a separate software project;
entirely original code is required.

An extension example follows.
By the provided window modification code
an optimal experience might not become.
Larger than root windows can be created.
From the root window visible area any window portion can depart.

During window modification an anchor point change might be required.
However, with an immobile cursor if coded
then an anchor point change would not be required.
A different experience would become.

Several window modification methods were tried.
Most were abandoned.
Ultimately, the software author's preference is provided.
However, more than one good window size/slide method exists.
Due to the XLaunch design in lieu of any method
by the same key combination or by a different key combination
an entirely different program can be launched.

Neither the GTK+ nor the QT libraries are used.
The X11 library is used.
A few other xorg provided libraries are used.
Consequently, memory usage is light.

The mesa library and graphic hacks are not provided.
At youtube in the video description;
the software project names and home pages are cited.
The default configuration file and
the during video recording configuration file are similar.
Therefore, by anyone the same tricks can be accomplished.

If credit was omitted then with notification the mistake will be fixed.
To fellow free artists; paramount admiration is accorded.
To "fair use" abusers; and to forkers; disdain is accorded.

On 20161101 the source code was uploaded. A fitness and usability warranty is not provided.

Because Xlaunch is no longer under development when a decade old current release becomes adequate compilation and use experience is expected.